Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Studies

Lately, I've been trying to put some thought into what areas of my work I need to focus on improving. One of those areas, I think, is color. Looking at my art, overall, I feel that I'm sometimes too conservative with my color schemes.

So, I decided to do a few color studies for a sketch I'd done recently. Since each panel only takes about 15 minutes, tops, there's less "commitment" to make everything perfect and more room to be adventurous. There are some technical problems with the lighting in these. (You can tell I kept changing my mind about where the light source was, and what the room was like.) Really, though, I'm just glad I pushed myself to do something different.

For now, I'd be interested to hear opinions from my readers and other artists. Problems aside, is there panel you like best? A panel you think almost works, but could be stronger? Let me know!


Set1 with layer blending. B is combined with A; C is combined with D

Set 2


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