Thursday, August 4, 2011

8-04 Sketch

For something a little different, this week, I came up with a sketch prompt for myself. Today's been packed, so I've only finished Part 1, so far. I'll finish the rest of it over the weekend, though.

For anyone following this blog, feel free to follow along and do this prompt yourself (and share your sketches, too, if you do) or suggest prompts for the future.

  1. Pick the animal that you find most difficult to draw, and sketch it.
  2. Now, pick the animal that is easiest for you to draw. Sketch this one the same as you did for the first animal.
  3. Pick a random animal that you find interesting. Sketch it, as you did with the others.
  4. ???
  5. Profit! Combine all three animals into a chimera-type creature. Try to blend the features of all three into something that looks like it could exist in nature.
Step 1 - Horse

  • I'd recommend drawing from life, where possible. Of course, there aren't any horses near where I live, so I used this photo as reference. Try to keep your drawing fairly realistic. Heavily stylized looks exaggerate or cut out visual information, and thus won't help you improve on drawing the real thing.
  • Don't re-use existing sketches. Make a new drawing for each step.
  • For a little extra challenge, don't erase (or if working digitally, undo) any of your lines. Just put 'em down, and try to live with it.


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